Take your business to the next level of performance with bandwidth options ranging from low (1 Mbps) to high (10 Gbps). Use Gemnet Enterprise Solution services when the necessity of your data is essential to the reliability of your business. Get dedicated Internet access that provides:
  • Flexibility: Handle your business’s growing demands for Internet access, IP-based applications, and data sharing—all of which require higher bandwidth speeds.
  • High Performance: Get reliable network quality and availability with flexible service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Scalable options: Help manage costs for service provisioning, bandwidth changes, and site development.
  • Coverage and reach: Deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity all across your business. Our global IP network supports deployments for single or multiple locations around the world.
Upto 99% availability and no slowdowns because of a shared link our services will give you the flexibility to upgrade as your business grows and will allow you to proactively monitor and regulate usage 24x7.
We can also connect multiple locations and allow secure remote access to your network assets as well.