Gemnet is providing very vast range of Services and Solutions as per the needs of clients which may belongs to Financial Institutions, Media Groups, Corporate Companies, SMEs, MNCs etc. Gemnet is offering enterprise solutions (Data, Internet, Networking, Switches, Routers, Servers, Data Centers etc.) Gemnet would assure you best of its services provided with premium quality.
Gemnet deals in various corporate solutions to fulfil your needs such as;

  • Software Development
  • Data Connectivity.
  • Internet Bandwidth.
  • Mail Hosting.
  • Data Centers.
  • Server Hosting.
  • Wi-Fi/Wireless Solutions & Zone Creation.
  • Cloud Services.
  • CCTV/IP Camera.
  • IP VPN.

We provide our services going beyond technology barriers using modern equipment to reach the destinations where Internet & Data and other related services are badly required and none other have reached there yet.

Gemnet aims to fulfill customer needs and design the network according to their requirements and try to reach the locations where no one can.

Our vision is to eliminate the word “offline”, from Sindh and its connecting cities.